Is it profitable to deposit the minimum deposit in online casinos

casino deposit

The small size of the deposit has its own “pluses”:

  1. You get the opportunity to test the online casino, if you play for the first time: the convenience and reliability of the institution, the speed of payments, responsiveness customer service and more. At the same time you do not risk large sums of your own money.
  2. Even if you play at a 1 dollar deposit casinos online – you become a full customer and get access to bonuses, promotions and tournaments. For example, the best NetEnt casinos offer all their customers free games on new video slots immediately after their launch.
  3. Casino managers will send you an email about all the events, draws and promotions in the casino, and, in addition, it is likely that you get a very profitable personal bonuses, the main thing – do not miss them.
  4. Experienced players recommend making minimum deposits in several reputable casinos to be able to constantly choose the most generous offers.

Two main “minuses” of the limited deposit

First, for the first deposit, all casinos offer very generous bonuses proportional to the amount deposited. For example: 100% up to $100.
If you play in a casino with a minimum deposit of $10 – the bonus is the same amount. Despite the fact that bonuses are subject to wagering requirements, they are still a source of guaranteed winnings at the casino, giving rise to a whole industry of bonus-hunting. The team of our website has developed a set of recommendations on how to pull the mathematical expectation of the game at the casino on your side and beat the casino with mathematics. Alas, these recommendations only work for long distances and are unlikely to win back a small bonus.

Secondly, the casino software divides players into different categories, depending on the account size, betting style, play style, etc.
No one knows the exact algorithm of the software, but there is an opinion among players that large and medium players win more often and more often than small players.